The Embedded Behavioral Health (EBH) model is an early intervention and treatment structure of the BH care model that promotes first responder readiness and resilience. EBH is most commonly associated with the US Military as EBH is a staple for keeping our soldiers resilient and healthy. EBH is only recently being recognized and used by civilian emergency service agencies. EBH provides multidisciplinary BH care to responders in close proximity to their department or station, often on-site.

The goal of EBH is to improve access to and continuity of BH care by moving to closer physical proximity to the responder’s work areas, streamlining the BH provider’s involvement in the treatment process, providing rapid access for the responder to treatment, and forming strong relationships with the responders and the command staff.

The EBH model serves as the single point of entry into BH care for the organization’s personnel and leaders, and facilitates early identification and intervention. EBH provides rapid evaluation and high-quality treatment from a single provider whom personnel are familiar with, and this greatly improves utilization of care. The enduring working relationship between EBH staff and key personnel serves to erode the stigma commonly associated with BH care in the First Responder culture. The BH provider can tailor the treatment options for the personnel utilizing the services to a much greater degree than is possible in the typical community-based care options.

As each responder agency and department are different, each EBH “package” can be customized to suit/fit each particular agency. Careful consultation with our clinical director and practice manager can ensure each agency captures the services and providers perfectly suited for them.
EBH Package can include:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Brief interventions
  • Integration into OTR
  • Clinical consultation on SWAT/SRT
  • Clinical consultation on CNT
  • Clinical oversight of internal peer support team
  • Development of resiliency programs
  • Annual Behavioral Health check-ups