PTSD is a disorder often resulting from experiencing a shocking, dangerous or traumatic event that overwhelms an individual’s built-in coping abilities. PTSD can also result from cumulative series of shocking or traumatic experiences throughout a career. Some research indicates that exposure to one or a series of these events causes physical changes in the brain leading some clinicians to consider PTSD an actual physical injury. Unfortunately, PTSD is an injury that doesn’t improve on its own over time.

PTSD is sometimes difficult to diagnose as it can have characteristics of many different disorders such as anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, and even characteristics of psychotic disorders. PTSD is a complex constellation of physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral symptoms that disrupt a first responder’s functioning across many different domains, especially personal relationships and work.

There’s little data on the prevalence of PTSD in emergency services, however, The Journal of Psychiatric Research shows the prevalence of PTSD to be:

  • 20% Law Enforcement
  • Up to 35% Firefighters
  • 37% for EMT’s

The good news is PTSD is treatable! At Responder Support Services, we deliver treatment for PTSD using treatment models endorsed by the American Psychologic Association and rated as highly effective. Typical treatment for PTSD can be completed in as little as 8 to 12 sessions.

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