Individual responders need not be part of a particular emergency services agency to access our support. First responders can self-refer to us for any of the following services:
  • Individual Psychotherapy. Our philosophy on psychotherapy with first responders is that our role is to teach each responder how to better maintain the most important piece of equipment that goes into the field each day…..their mind. Ironically, this is the one piece of equipment responders generally get the least training on. Our treatments are brief, evidence-based and protocol driven. Individual psychotherapy can help with issues ranging from mood & anxiety, work issues, home issues, almost anything.
  • Substance Abuse Assessment and Treatment.
  • Stress management. It’s all too easy for the rigors of the job to exceed our ordinary coping skills and abilities. The chronic stress of these careers takes a toll on individuals that can lead to premature career burnout. This stress can also be brought home, having a negative impact on the responder family-relationships and social relationships.
  • Trauma Treatment. Trauma and PTSD are treatable and treatment can be measured in weeks instead of months or years. Many first responders are unaware that rapid, lasting relief is available to them. For trauma treatment, we use only the treatment models that are proven by research to be effective for trauma and Post traumatic Stress Disorder.

Simply call: 828-333-5708